Yield Generation.

OPERAND is a softfork of an RFI (Reflect finance). Each transaction applying a 1% fee and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token.


The introduction of the Operand token provides investors an opportunity to farm and earn transaction fees with ease.

Operand system automatically collects and distributes the fees among all token holders. Operand additionally overcomes the opportunity cost associated with most DeFi projects. They could then earn interest from lending the crypto while also earning transaction fees from their tokens.

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What is Operand?

Operand system automatically collects and distributes the fees.


1% On Every transaction split between holders (earnings).
1% of tokens are burned following transactions.
Initial token supply: 100 000
Actual token supply: 95 900
Tokens locked: 69%

Dual Yield

Token holders can use their OPERAND in smart contracts and transactions while also earning transaction fees. This can even allow for double yield generation if a token holder farm of lends their OPERAND.


The Operand technology in smart contract completed at launch. The is no team or central party earning fees from Operand.